Custom uniforms and workwear

Corvex Uniforms, SL is a company specialized in the design, production and marketing of uniforms for services, industry, transport, food, construction, communications, security, laboratories, Hostelry, advertising, aesthetics, distribution, health, leisure, school, official bodies and sports. Our concern and initiative has led us to offer professional clothing solutions for any labor sector and for all types of companies. Our team is made up of professionals who are experts in the design, preparation and distribution of professional uniforms and all types of work clothes so that our clients get a unique professional clothing for their company.

uniformes de servicios


Manufacture of gowns and jackets, socks, shirts, jackets, caps, pants, bibs, pajamas, polos, sweatshirts, polar liners for cold and water and any clothing required for the service sector.

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uniformes de organismos oficiales

Official organizations

Manufacture of high visibility t-shirts, pants, fleeces, jackets, coats, caps and vests appropriate to be used as the official uniform of National Police, Autonomous, Civil Guard, Firefighters and Public Administrations.

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uniformes industriales


Design and development of pants, overalls, cardigans, parkas, raincoats, gas stations, oil companies and industrial companies, jackets, vests, lounge shirts, shorts and gloves.

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uniformes de seguridad


We have high quality fabrics and experts for the production of safety clothing at affordable prices. We have available a wide catalog of clothing for security equipment personnel.

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uniformes de distribución


The food sector, large stores and DIY experts have specific needs in terms of professional uniforms and clothing for their employees, and wet we meet with tailored solutions.

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uniformes de transportes


Manufacture of professional uniforms for employees of transport companies. We make and customize the uniforms of airlines, rail, sea and land, urban transport and autocars.

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uniformes laboratorio


We supply chemical, pharmaceutical and professional clothing laboratories with the highest level of protection, durability, comfort and cleanliness. Applying attention to all necessary technical requirements.

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uniformes alimentación

Food Industry

Resistant and comfortable work uniforms is what we propose for bakeries and manufacturers of pastries, beverages, meat industry and other companies in the food sector meeting high quality standards.

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uniformes de hostelería


Suitable and resistant clothing for hotels and restaurant establishments. We offer infinite functional models, comfortable, elegant and impeccable presence.

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uniformes sanitarios


We make sanitary clothing prepared specifically according to the needs of medical professionals, nurses, technical researchers and students of medicine, biology and veterinary, among others.

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uniformes de construcción


Resistant workwear for construction companies and construction materials companies with attention to the needs of the different tasks that must be performed with an extensive range for all sectors and professions.

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Corvex uniformes


Complete your advertising campaigns with t-shirts, caps, backpacks and any garment personalized with your corporate image. Adaptability, creativity and design with the company logo.

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uniformes de ocio


Workwear solutions for theme parks, casinos, bingos, recreational and other leisure centers. Comfortable and practical garments with an attractive design. Do you want to strengthen your company's brand? Contact us.

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uniformes de comunicación


Preparation of professional clothing for Post Offices, courier companies, telephone companies, press and publishing companies which reinforces the corporate identity.

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uniformes de estética


We tailor made professional clothes for beauty and hairdressing businesses, where we project a modern image in our uniforms, offering high quality designs that will adapt to the image of your business.

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uniformes escolares


We design, manufacture and distribute school uniforms with the corporate image of the school. We produce comfortable and resistant clothing, tailored to the daily needs of children.

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